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Cost of Dental Implants – Greensboro, NC

A Priceless Investment In Your Quality of Life

Depending on your unique needs, dental implant cost in Greensboro can vary greatly. After examining your mouth and assessing your needs, Dr. Fisher will walk you through a completely customized treatment plan that will help solve your oral needs. He’ll outline factors including how many implants you need, what type of restoration would be best for your mouth, and how long each part of the procedure will take. To learn more about the details of your tooth-replacement treatment, schedule a consultation with Dr. Fisher today by contacting our office!

Types of Dental Implants

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A primary factor that will determine the cost of your implant procedure is how many implants you’ll need placed depending on how many missing teeth you have. A great benefit of this procedure is that whether you’re missing a single tooth or an entire arch, it’s versatile enough to solve all of your needs. Here are some different types of implants that you may hear Dr. Fisher suggest during your initial consultation:

  • Single Implant: For one missing tooth, we’ll likely suggest getting a single dental implant to replace it. The titanium post will act to replace the root of your missing tooth, and a customized dental crown will be placed on top.
  • Implant Bridge: For consecutive missing teeth in a row, a bridge can be attached to two or more implants to replace them. Unlike a traditional dental bridge, your existing teeth won’t need to be altered in order to secure it, keeping your healthy pearly whites untouched.
  • Implant-Retained Denture: When you’re missing all of your teeth along an arch of your mouth, it may require the placement of four to eight dental implants to hold a complete denture. They will provide you with additional support, making it easier to chew and speak again.

What are the Stages of Dental Implant Treatment?

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There are several stages of the dental implant procedure, which Dr. Fisher will walk you through during your initial consultation. Because everything takes place over the course of several appointments, you’ll be able to pay for them separately, breaking up the cost and making it manageable if you’re on a budget. Here’s a basic outline of what your treatment will look like:

Are Dental Implants Worth the Investment?

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Yes! Dental implants are well worth the investment. They offer countless unique benefits to your everyday life that make them priceless. While there are additional tooth-replacement options available, none of them offer the stability, strength, and longevity of dental implants. Plus, because they’re easy to maintain, you won’t have to worry about discomfort, oral sores, or developing oral health problems. Since they replace the entire structure of your missing teeth, they’ll feel and look completely natural, boosting your confidence when you talk or eat.

Does My Dental Insurance Cover Dental Implants?

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Even though most dental insurance plans don’t cover the cost of dental implants, they may cover other portions of the treatment, which is why it’s always worthwhile to check. Depending on your individual benefits, they may cover a portion or all of the cost of anesthesia, your custom restoration, or the initial consultation. If you need help getting in touch with your insurance, our team would be more than happy to help.