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General Dentistry – Greensboro, NC

Keeping Smiles Whole, Healthy & Beautiful for Life

Man in dental chair smiling at dentistWelcome to the Greensboro dental office of David M. Fisher, Jr. DDS. When it comes to keeping Greensboro families smiling, Dr. Fisher and his team understand that the best defense is a good offense! That’s why we focus every customized treatment plan on preventive dental care. Keep reading to learn more about the importance of preventive and conservative dentistry services, or give our dental office in Greensboro a call to schedule an appointment today.

Regular Dental Checkups

When you visit us for six month dental checkups, we’ll carefully capture diagnostic images, clean your teeth, screen for common oral health conditions, and consult with you on a personalized plan to keep your smile healthy. We use the DIAGNOdent system to scan your teeth and find the most minuscule cavity. Once our examination is complete, you can talk to us about any of our other general dentistry services.

Professional Teeth Cleaning & Oral Hygiene

Dentist checking fit of patient’s nightguardIn order to help you maintain a healthy smile, one of our skilled professionals will perform a thorough, professional teeth cleaning during every dental exam. With four highly skilled hygienists on hand, all of our services begin with a thorough cleaning of your mouth. Our ultrasonic instruments clean your teeth gently and completely. We will also review your at-home oral hygiene routine, discuss ways to make the most of your in-home care, recommend products, and do all that we can to help you keep your smile healthy for life.

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Air Abrasion

Many patients find themselves feeling a little nervous before visiting the dentist, and the high-pitched whine of the dental drill is one of the main contributing factors associated with these fears. In our dental office, we use air abrasion to minimize the need for drilling, improving patient comfort.

Preventive Resins

Man receiving dental treatmentPreventive resins, also called dental sealants, are an effective preventive dentistry measure for kids who are still developing their oral hygiene routines, adults with chronic tooth decay, and those who have deep pits and grooves in their teeth that make caring for the smile difficult. The process is simple. We paint a coat of preventive resin onto the surfaces of teeth. Then, we harden it into position, creating a protective barrier between teeth and decay-causing bacteria, plaque, and tartar.

Casey Patient Education System

We believe that our best patients are those who are informed about all of their dental care options. That’s why we’ve invested in the Casey Patient Education System. This system gives you access to informative videos and articles to help you better understand dentistry services and how to care for your smile.


For those who have prescriptions from a sleep medicine professional, we’re happy to offer customized snoreguards. These oral appliances keep the airway clear at night, reducing snoring and allowing you to sleep and breathe more deeply through the night.


Smiling woman in dental chairFor those who grind or clench their teeth at night, we may recommend a protective nightguard. These custom oral appliances place a barrier between the rows of teeth, avoiding wear and damage that may occur due to the unconscious grinding and clenching.


In addition to protecting your smile from nighttime teeth grinding and clenching, we can also make custom crafted mouthguards to protect athletes’ smiles. If you participate in sports where your smile may come into contact with other players, hard surfaces, or sports equipment, let our team know, and we’ll talk about fitting you for the right protective sportsguard.

Breath Treatment Supplies

Oral health concerns like gum disease, poor oral hygiene, and even genetics can all contribute to chronic bad breath (halitosis). Luckily, we offer a variety of take-home breath treatment supplies to help those who are struggling with halitosis keep their breath minty fresh.