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Dental Implants – Greensboro, NC

Replace Missing Teeth and Boost Your Confidence

dental implant abutment and crownWhen you’re forced to live without your teeth, the harsh realities of the situation are quickly realized. Where you once ate freely without any reservations, you now have to be methodical and calculated with every morsel of food you bite into. In addition, not having a full set of teeth, doesn’t bode well for your self-esteem. A solution-oriented dentist, Dr. Fisher provides patients with dental implants in Greensboro to fully restore their lives to normal, allowing them to once again flourish. To take control of your destiny, contact our Greensboro office today to schedule an initial examination and consultation!

The Benefits of Dental Implants

implant retained bridge being placedLiving without a full set of teeth not only interrupts your normal habits, but it also can lead to your remaining teeth shifting. This is because they rely on a system of shared tension to maintain their position. Therefore, if even one tooth remains missing for too long, there can be jawbone degeneration, malocclusion (bite issues), gum infection and jaw pain.

By a titanium dental implant being attached at the jawbone level and mimicking the original tooth root in function and strength, these problems can be prevented. The benefits don’t stop there, though. Here are some other advantages of receiving dental implants:

Although it may have seemed like you were doomed to live with the inconveniences associated with having missing teeth, you now have a clear route to recovery.

Indications for Dental Implants

implant retained denture snapping in placeNow that you’re aware of the many benefits that dental implants offer, you may still be wondering if the procedure can still fit your specific needs. No matter what number of teeth you have missing, we have a way to meet the challenge. When you visit our Greensboro office, Dr. Fisher will perform a thorough examination of your mouth, gums any remaining teeth to determine what will be the best course of action to take.

Missing Single Tooth

If you’re missing one tooth, after the implant is placed and you have healed sufficiently, Dr. Fisher will place an abutment, followed by a single porcelain crown restoration. This tooth-colored fixture is popular because of its similarity to your original teeth in texture, appearance and strength.

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Missing Multiple Teeth

For multiple missing teeth, you have the option of receiving an implant-retained bridge. This consists of two or more porcelain crown prosthetics that are affixed to a single apparatus. Instead of being held in place by being cemented to the surrounding teeth, as is the case with the traditional method, the implant-retained version offers the same smile aesthetics and durability of the original tooth root.

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Missing All Teeth

If a full set of teeth are missing, we offer yet another option: implant-retained dentures. The process starts with your dentist in Greensboro carefully placing four-to-six implants that are angled and spaced to provide a secure foundation for the replacement prosthetics to later be attached.

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Understanding the Cost of Dental Implants

older woman pointing at teeth smilingAs part of your careful consideration of the dental implant process, you understandably want to know how much your investment will be. The best way to find out is to visit our office. That’s because the dental implant process is highly customized and tailored to meet each patient’s needs.

Some of the components that can affect the final cost are the number of teeth you have missing, whether you’ve suffered any bone loss, the cost of placing the abutment and the type of final restoration you need. A key point to remember, though, as you make your decision, is that dental implants can last up to a lifetime with proper care.

Therefore, the investment you make now will pay dividends for years to come. To open the door to a new life, contact us today to schedule a visit!

How Dental Implants Work

diagram of dental implant Dental implants are clearly the best solution for tooth loss because they replace not only the visible crown portion of the tooth, but the underlying root as well. The implant itself is inserted directly into the jawbone and later topped with a crown to make it look and function just like a natural tooth. Your implant will stimulate your jawbone in a way that crowns, bridges, or dentures alone simply cannot. This prevents the bone from deteriorating and making your facial appearance become hunched over time. Fortunately, dental implants can easily solve this problem.

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