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Tooth-Colored Fillings – Greensboro, NC

Enjoy a Natural-Looking Treatment for Cavities

Although it is preventable with the right oral hygiene habits and regular care from your dentist, tooth decay is the leading chronic oral health condition we treat. In the past, treating a cavity required a dark, metal filling. While they are affordable and effective, they create an eyesore when you smile. Not to mention, there is a concern regarding mercury exposure. As an alternative to traditional amalgam, you can enjoy a natural-looking option with tooth-colored fillings in Greensboro.

What is a Tooth-Colored Filling?

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Metal fillings have held a commonplace in restorative dentistry for decades; however, many are now turning away from them due to several disadvantages. They are highly noticeable, which can cause you to feel insecure about your appearance. They are also made from various metals, including mercury. Although the American Dental Association deems them safe, there is still a concern about the long-term risks of mercury.

Tooth-colored fillings do not contain any metals. Instead, they are made from a variety of plastics and fine glass particles. Not only are they metal-free, but they are also customizable to match the color of your enamel for a natural appearance.

Benefits of Tooth-Colored Fillings

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Tooth-colored fillings allow you to enjoy several advantages that are not possible with the traditional treatment, such as peace of mind. You will not need to worry about exposure to mercury or unnecessary attention brought to your smile because they blend in with your enamel.

Since they are biocompatible, they are the ideal alternative for those who have sensitivities to certain metals. You will also not need to worry about your tooth darkening overtime because they are metal-free.

You will improve the integrity of your tooth when choosing the composite material because less of its structure is removed when placing the filling. Grooves do not need to be cut into your tooth to support the filling like that of metal ones.

How are Tooth-Colored Fillings Placed?

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Your cosmetic dentist in Greensboro, Dr. David M. Fisher removes the area of decay and cleans your tooth. A weak acid is applied to it to open the pores in the enamel and dentin to help create a secure bond between the filling and your tooth.

A bonding agent is put on your tooth and quickly harden it using a special light. The filling is smoothed, and minor adjustments are made to ensure you maintain a proper bite.

Caring for Tooth-Colored Fillings

Although they are not made from metal, the fillings can last for several years with the right care. Besides maintaining your oral hygiene at home, it is best to limit your contact with stain-causing factors, like smoking, coffee, and tea. Avoid biting into or chewing overly hard foods to prevent the filling from chipping, cracking, or coming loose.

Save Your Smile Today!

If you have a cavity, you do not need to let a metal filling cause you to feel insecure. Dr. Fisher has the natural-looking solution you need with a tooth-colored filling. Contact our office today to schedule your consultation for a healthy, flawless smile.