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Dental Bridges in Greensboro

dental bridge illustrationIf injury or decay has caused you to lose a tooth (or even multiple teeth), you don’t have to live with your incomplete grin forever! You may be a perfect candidate for a fixed dental bridge in Greensboro. This restorative treatment can provide you with a sturdy, long-lasting way to fill in that gap and help you to enjoy a comfortable, confident smile.

What Is a Fixed Bridge?

A bridge is a prosthetic tooth (or teeth) that attaches on one or both sides to teeth prepared with dental crowns. A fixed bridge is permanently joined onto the neighboring abutment teeth (crowned teeth) and consists of three basic units: the false tooth or teeth (called pontics) and two abutment crowns. The style of bridge we suggest will depend upon the strength and health the abutment teeth, as well as the location of the gap in relation to the rest of your dentition. With proper care, a fixed bridge may last at least 8 to 10 years.

If healthy abutment teeth aren't available, a surgically implanted metal post, known as a dental implant, may offer a solid alternative way to support your replacement tooth. For a bridge that replaces many teeth, we may recommend a removable partial denture or implant-supported prosthesis.

What Benefits Does a Dental Bridge Offer?

A fixed dental bridge from your dentist in Greensboro offers a number of outstanding benefits:

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What Is the Process for Placing a Dental Bridge?

dental patient smiling in mirrorThe process for placing a dental bridge takes at least two appointments. At your first appointment, we prepare your abutment teeth by removing a portion of their enamel. This ensures that the crowns will fit comfortably over them. Then, we take impressions of your teeth, which a laboratory will use to create your custom bridge. We give you a temporary bridge to wear until your permanent one is ready.

At your second appointment, we remove the temporary bridge and place your new one in your mouth. We might have to make a few minor adjustments to the way it fits. Once your bridge is permanently in place, you can go off and enjoy your newly restored smile!

If you have questions about crown and bridgework or any other dental prosthesis, call our Greensboro dental office. We will be happy to discuss the options and schedule your evaluation.